Girls: A Gift from God

Shreya’s Story

Nepal_Shreya_Small_optWhile my older sister and I were growing up, our parents were constantly berated for having two daughters. “You only have two daughters, no sons?” people would ask.

In Nepali culture, sons are more highly valued than daughters. They are charged with caring for parents in their old age and facilitating their parents’ funeral rites.

Fortunately, my sister and I have culturally progressive parents. Our parents have always assured us that we are not only very loved and valued, but also very strong and capable of pursuing our dreams.

Not surprisingly, our parents were deeply invested in our education. In spite of great sacrifice, they always ensured that we had access to the best education possible.


They didn’t do it alone. They relied greatly on the generosity of others to fund their own education as well as the educations of my sister and me.

It is now my privilege to give back by serving as International Needs’ full-time resilience livelihood program lead. I work alongside families who are trying to develop a sustainable income through livestock and agricultural programs.

Nepal, our beloved homeland, has seen one great upheaval after another. Still recovering from a civil war and decades of political unrest, we sustained two devastating earthquakes last spring followed by a crippling border blockade.

Now, unseasonably hot temperatures are creating drought, forest fires, and water shortages.

In the midst of all this, we rely upon the Lord’s provision and take courage in knowing that people like you care about Nepal – about educating needy children throughout the globe.

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International Needs

Transforming Lives and Changing Communities

Empowering children through the gift of education is a key imperative of International Needs’ mission to transform communities worldwide for Jesus Christ. We are and have always been locally led and locally served because we believe that indigenously led ministry is most effective.

Join us in fulfilling the Lord’s mandate to share the gospel around the world, reaching nations that include Bangladesh, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, the Philippines, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Uganda, the United States, Vietnam, and Zambia.


Empowered by Education

Binita’s Story

Nepal_Binita_Small_optBinita was 10 years old when her father was tragically injured on the streets of Nepal during a political protest. He was left completely paralyzed and unable to speak or eat by himself.

As a tailor, Binita’s father had been the family’s primary breadwinner. Now that he needed 24-hour care, Binita’s mother was forced to find work. It was left to Binita, the oldest of three children, to balance her schoolwork with the demands of caring for a household.

In 2006, the family’s prospects brightened when International Needs stepped in to support Binita. She transferred to a better school and was relieved of the pressures of paying for school fees, books, and uniforms.

Today, thanks to the ongoing support of International Needs, Binita is poised to embark upon a productive and meaningful future as she works to complete her bachelor’s degree in multimedia studies.

“Words aren’t enough to fully thank International Needs for all it has done for me, ” she says. “I promise to use my education to make a difference in the world and especially in the lives of women, who need a stronger voice in today’s world.”

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