Basic education through the tenth grade (primary and secondary school) is granted through the Interim Constitution in Nepal as a human right for all children ages 5-14. Retention of students in school, however, remains a critical problem as children drop out at very high rates after initial enrollment in primary school.

International Needs Nepal identifies children at risk in communities and villages throughout the country, offering sponsorship assistance and personal encouragement to remain in school.

Young adult women who are at risk for human trafficking are given the opportunity to study livelihood skills at the Lydia House. Both educational programs offered by International Needs Nepal rely upon a team of 32 community organizers throughout the country. The child you are considering sponsoring was recommended for sponsorship by a community worker where they live.


The goal of the International Needs Child Assistance Program in Nepal is to develop healthy, and educated young people capable of sustaining a livelihood and contributing as future leaders in Nepal. This over-arching goal of the Child Assistance Program is achieved through four individualized objectives:

• Spiritual and values formation
• Educational development
• Health and physical development
• Leadership and social development

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