Anawekorpe is a village in the North Tongu District in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The population of Anawekorpe is extremely poor and underprivileged, lacking in clean water, healthcare, and electricity.

The Volta River runs very close to Anawekorpe and the land is fairly flat, which gives it great potential for farming and fishing. 69% of the population in the North Tongu district works in agriculture, with the main crops being pepper, cassava, groundnut, okro, garden eggs, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. Rice production is also done in the Anawekorpe area.


Many people living in this area are extremely poor, and as a result many families are sending their sons away to work as bonded slaves for fisherman or cattle owners, and their daughters are forced into slavery.

The community lacks basic infrastructure such as a clinic and good roads. Although the community is connected to the district water supply, many households still depend on ponds and the river for their home use because they cannot afford to tap into the district water supply.