Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies for Medical Clinics

When International Needs teams travel for medical clinics, having the correct tools and supplies in place once the team arrives is a critical detail.

Whether it’s basics such as bandages and pain medication, or more complicated supplies like IVs and saline solution, each item matters when it is needed. And the puzzle here is that the medical team may not know what’s needed until they have the patient right in front of them.

With help from people like you, we work hard to have everything the team needs in place so they can use their time and talents treating as many patients as they possibly can.


When a medical team member sees a critical need and has the tools and talents to treat that need – that’s how lives are changed.

Working hard in the Ghana medical clinic
Working hard in the Ghana medical clinic

If you have a heart for medical ministry, one important way you can help is by giving financially so that the team has what they need when they arrive.